About Us.

Hi, Thanks for popping by ☺
We are James & Sarah (and Leo!)

We are a husband and wife team from West Yorkshire.

Wedding photographer isn’t actually our full time job, it’s something that kind of happened by accident but has grown into such a passion for us since we first photographed our friends wedding a few years ago. In our other jobs we both work in hospitality - something we have done for a number of years.

What does our spare time look like?
Well, when we’re together we try to spend as much time together with our boy. Days out at the beach, to the park, going for walks and all the other usual stuff that comes with having a toddler.

James’s other love is for music. When he’s not playing music with his band, he’s playing his guitar on the sofa or sat at the computer writing something.

Sarah loves to get her hands dirty in the garden. She feels herself when she’s outside in the fresh air planting tubs for the spring.

We live in Brighouse with our four (yes four!) cats.